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SaaS - Measuring and auditing for Retail Pharmacies.

Fine tuning retail

Focusing on the Retail Pharmacy space, Zumo retail is a consultancy which helps retailers optimise their businesses to improve customer experience and sales.

Retailers, like many business owners, are buried in the day to day running of their businesses, and fail to take the time to step back from their business for a broader look.

Zumo retail provides coaching and various web applications to help retailers view their business from a customers point of view.

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Zumo Audits

Audits is a web application for auditing, comparing and reporting on retail stores. There is a saying, if it does not get measured it does not get done. The idea of the Zumo Audits application is to measure the little things to ensure they are done.

Custom Surveys

Retailers can use surveys and systems provided by Zumo, or they can custom write their own surveys. The software is flexible enough to allow users to set up their own scoring system to meet their individual needs.

Surveys can be set up on a self reporting basis or require a manager to perform the survey.

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User Roles

Retailers have variable management structures. Owners have multiple stores. Management responsibility can be on a regional or functional/business unit basis.

Users can be configured with a number of different roles to give them visibility and control over the stores and areas they are responsible for.

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Graphical Reporting

Beautiful reports comparing statistics and progress between stores, regions and business unit.

Retailers can use the built in reports or customise their own reports.

Our PHP based graph generating plugin creates interesting graphs and charts from the survey data. Graphs maintain a standard layout throughout the retail organisation.

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Retail Calculators

The maths behind retail can be a mystery to managers, owners and operators, yet it is critical to understanding how your business is doing. Even just understanding terms like margins, GMROII, GMROF, GMROL discounts and mark downs can be a challenge.

The idea behind retail calculators is providing a simple set of web based tools retailers can use to understand and calculate important figures related to their businesses.

Retail calculators also includes a glossary to explain some of these terms, such as the difference between markup and margin.

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Retailer auditing and management
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Retailer auditing and management

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