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Software developers don't usually make great authors. However, writing articles forces us to take time away from daily coding work to think about the bigger picture and share some of our professional experiences.

Everything we write here is based on experience and opinion. Some of our ideas are unconventional and will go against mainstream software development thinking.

Sharing thoughts and experience on PHP development and the broader software development industry is healthy. It allows programmers to improve and grow. I started working in the software industry in 1994 and have learnt a few things worth sharing in that time, much of it though the generosity of others or by accident.

Please enjoy these articles, and if you have any feedback, please contact us!

Custom Software Vs Off the Shelf software

by Chris Maffey -

A quick look at the benefits of custom software and off the shelf software. 

How is PHP just like Frankenstein's monster

by Chris Maffey -

A bit of a tongue in cheek look at PHPs cobbled together nature and its ability to keep on coming back to life after being declared dead on more than one occasion.

PHP is our prefered tech stack

by Chris Maffey -

PHP is the server-side programming language specifically designed for the web applications. PHP first appeared in the early days of the web and enjoyed phenomenal growth in popularity since 2000. Though this popularity is declining, and in recent years, PHP has become the language many developers love to hate.  In this article, we'll explore the key benefits of PHP as a programming language and why it remains a popular choice among developers for building dynamic websites and web applications.

Is it worth shifting from Physical to cloud hosting.

by Chris Maffey -

A strange journey where I figure out the benefits of letting go of our physical hosting environment and moving to the cloud.

Taking on a new programmer

by Chris Maffey -

Recently we have been recruiting for a new software developer, it has been an educational exercise.  I would like to share some thoughts.

PHP Frameworks vs custom code

by Chris Maffey -

In this article, we will explore the benefits of choosing a custom PHP framework over an off-the-shelf solution, highlighting the potential for enhanced creativity, performance, and flexibility.

Hourly vs fixed price software development

by Chris Maffey -

A few points to illustrate why we feel hourly pricing is better than fixed price and to mitigate some fears of flexible pricing.

Migrating from Xero OAuth 1 to OAuth 2.0

by Caleb Hines -

A guide on how to convert to Xero OAuth 2.0

Why SQL is still really important

by Chris Maffey -

Today I am motivated to write a couple of notes on SQL after spotting an article on Slashdot proclaiming SQL is the most sort after programming skill in January 2020.

A review of the origins of the internet

by Chris Maffey -

My view of the key moments leading to the invention of the internet.

Why we like Open Source Software

by Chris Maffey -

My personal ramble on Open Source software. This article does nothing more than raise some points about open source software which I find interesting.

What does Agile mean to us

by Chris Maffey -

A simple explanation of agile software development and how it helps you with software development projects.

A few issues with custom software ownership

by Chris Maffey -

A brief look at who really owns your software.