Software as a Service (SaaS) for the trades.

Making admin easy for the trades

After a hard weeks work, the average tradie lacks the time and patience to deal with paperwork.

Software designed for trades people needs to be make life easier, without creating extra workload.

Trade Job Management Software has been designed by experienced tradesmen to ensure it is the easiest to use job management software out there.

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Mobile Application

Made for tradies to use in the field. Workers know where and when they need to be at a job. It is easy for workers to update jobs, add materials and automatically update their timesheets

As a native app, iTrade gives users offline access to jobs and other useful information. When online, the app automatically feeds data base to the office, so administrators can monitor workers progress without needing to make a phone call.

Built on Google's flutter allows a single code base to be deployed for both Andriod and IOs platforms. The mobile application uses an API to communicate back to the server side PHP application.

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Job Management

See and edit all up coming jobs. Easily get a handle on your workload and make sure jobs don't get left out. Create new jobs from scratch or form templates. Set up recurring jobs for regular customers.

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Easily build quotes from existing price lists. Build a quote from scratch or use a template. Quotes are presented to a customer via a customer portal where the customer can aceept, reject or question a quote.

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A great visualising tool to get a handle on your workload for the day and week. Knowing where your workers are is critical to managing a trades business.

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Google Maps Integration

A visual representation of your jobs and staff. Administrators can see where staff and jobs are in a single screen.

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Staff Management

Business owners control precisely what information individual staff can access. The application also provides basic annual leave functions for those customers without payroll systems.

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Accounting integration

Keeping lists of customers and suppliers in sync with accounting system. Inbound and outbound invoices can be pumped into Xero, or retained in our basic accounting software.

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The iTrade office software includes a series of useful reports.

We have also constructed custom reports commissioned by individual customers.

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Easily generate required certification for customers. This can be done onsite though a Mobile Web Application or back in the office. Certification is stored safely with other data.

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Record billable time and other activities throughout the pay period. Time is easily monitored by admin staff and business owners. Timesheet summaries are easily exported as CSV or PDF documents for processing at your payroll company.

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