Reliable Cloud-Based Web Hosting

Discover our practical and comprehensive solution for your web application hosting needs. We provide high-performance, efficient, and scalable web hosting solutions.

Our services are designed to propel your business growth, leveraging the power of the most reliable cloud platforms – Vultr and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Cloud based web application hosting
Simple high quality hosting with Vultr

Vultr Powered Simplicity

If you are looking for simplicity without compromising on quality, our Vultr-based hosting is the perfect solution for you. As one of the world's top cloud infrastructure providers, Vultr delivers incredible speed and performance. Our integration with Vultr provides a simple and seamless hosting experience. This service is excellent for small to medium-sized enterprises who want top-notch performance without dealing with complex hosting details.

Robust web hosting with AWS

High-Performance AWS Hosting

For businesses that require a more advanced and robust hosting solution, we offer Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting. AWS is a world leader in web services and offers a vast array of features and capabilities to handle complex, high-traffic websites and applications. With AWS, we can create custom hosting environments tailored to your unique needs and offer auto-scaling to handle sudden surges in website traffic, ensuring your website always delivers an optimal user experience.

Our Hosting Services

Experience seamless performance, exceptional reliability, and premium support with our integrated web application hosting service. By hosting your web application with the same company that designed and supports it, you eliminate the middle man and ensure a smoother workflow. This synergy allows for optimal performance as our team intimately understands the infrastructure requirements and fine-tuning necessary for your application.

Moreover, the immediate access we have to the system, its updates and its nuances, allows us to rapidly resolve any potential issues before they escalate. This turn-key solution guarantees high availability, scalability, and enhanced security, as we are equipped to anticipate, detect, and mitigate risks more efficiently. In addition, our customer support is always one step ahead, providing tailored and timely assistance. Streamline your operations, enhance your performance, and enjoy peace of mind by hosting your web application with us—the team that built it, supports it, and is committed to its success.

Why host your web application with PHPlab?


No one likes a slow website or web application. Our hosting is fast. We ensure there is always enough server and network resource available to your web application to keep it running quickly and to ensure response times are as rapid as possible.

We guarantee high performance for your websites. Our partnership with Vultr and AWS ensures your web application loads quickly and runs smoothly, providing an excellent user experience for your visitors.


We believe in delivering value. Our competitive pricing models ensure you get the best services without breaking the bank. Plus, our cloud-based model means you only pay for the resources your web application requires.


With 22 years of experience in the industry, our skilled team is equipped to handle all your hosting needs. We have a proven track record of delivering quality services to a multitude of satisfied clients.

We have a solid history with hosting trends. Initially hosting on shared hosting platforms, as our customer base grew and got more demanding, we switched to a combination of collocated hosting and dedicated hosting. In 2022, we switched to exclusively using cloud hosting and have never looked back. We have been hosting on Vultr since 2022 and on AWS since 2016.

Cloud hosting gives us the best of both worlds. We provide our expertise in web applications, databases, and web servers, and our cloud hosting partners provide their expertise in hosting hardware and networking.


Our hosting services include automatic backups to ensure your data is always safe and secure. We understand the importance of your data and take every precaution to protect it from loss or corruption. Our backups are stored on multiple separate servers in multiple locations world-wide to ensure they are always available when you need them.

Our web application and database backups are versioned for up to 18 months. This extended backup period not only guarantees quick recovery in the event of data loss or accidental deletion but also enables your organization to review historical data and identify trends over time.

In the face of malicious activities such as cyberattacks or ransomware, having versioned backups can be your greatest weapon, helping to mitigate damage and quickly restore operations.

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