Custom Business Applications

Over the past 22 years in business, we have built a wide range of custom business applications.

Our approach to building applications is meticulous, focusing on understanding our client's unique needs and business objectives. This allows us to design and develop custom-tailored solutions that truly address their challenges and contribute significantly to their success. By combining advanced technology, industry best practices, and innovative strategies, we have been able to deliver robust, reliable, and user-friendly applications that not only meet but often exceed our clients' expectations.

Business software applications document
crm customer relationship management application

Customer relationship management

A customer database is a common starting point for custom software development.

Although there is a wide range of CRM software products available, we usually include customer relationship management features in the custom software we build.

workflow application

Workflow / Process Tracking

All businesses have some kind of workflow and can benefit from having a good application to track workflow. We have built applications to track typical workflow items such as customer orders. We have also built applications to track more varied workflow items including employee job applications, tours itineraries and bookings, medical papers and retail audits.

customer portal website

Customer Portal

Customers look for information using the path of least resistance and expect easy instant answers to their queries. Using a portal, you provide your customers instant access to their information. This keeps the customer happy and saves your staff from answering unnecessary customer enquiries.

timesheet recording application

Timesheet recording and aggregating

When you sell time as a product, it is important to make the process effortless for employees, otherwise time is not tracked and not billed. Matching and aggregating time to projects and/or customers and easily aggregating the data at the end of the pay period saves administrative time and costs.

Billing and invoicing application

Invoicing and billing

Invoices are typically calculated from the result of a workflow or timesheet application. Invoicing is often a good point for a custom system to finish and hand the workflow over to an off the shelf accounting system.

We have built systems which generate invoices directly. We have also built applications which send invoices from an accounting system.

ecommerce applications and websites

eCommerce and shopping cart

To set up a quality shopping cart website quickly and cheaply, a cloud based product like shopify with do the trick.

However, if you have specific requirements, perhaps to integrate to uncommon systems or deal with products which require special treatment, we can build an application for you.

product management and product dictionary software

Product management

Products can be simple, not requiring a custom application. However products can also get really complex. We have built product dictionary systems to allow unlimited custom fields on a product, giving the customer limitless options to describe and categorise complex products. We have also built a custom system to track installation, servicing and maintenance requirements of complex products.

reporting applications


Existing applications contain treasure troves of information. We build custom reporting systems, for both canned and flexible reports. It is easy to add reports to our custom applications.

We have also built systems which aggregate data (data warehouse) making reports faster and consistent.

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